Save up to 44% on Crest White Strips on Amazon

2023-04-08 05:00:20 By : Mr. paul xin

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If one of your New Year’s Resolutions is to have whiter teeth by the end of 2023, we’ve got your back. Dental Chair Light Price

Save up to 44% on Crest White Strips on Amazon

Plus, there’s a great, affordable solution for stained teeth that doesn’t involve a co-pay, or an hour in a chair with fingers in your mouth. Thanks to Amazon’s ongoing New Year Sale, you can pick up Crest White Strips at their lowest price since Prime Day.

For a limited time, you can pick up Crest’s Radiant Express White Strips for 44% off, and their Professional Effects White Strips for 35% off.

Or you could get both. These strips are effective, so you wouldn’t need both, but you could always gift your extra set to your most dentist-averse friend. They’ll thank you, and their teeth will, too.

Below, we outlined the differences between these two great deals. Read on, and decide whether you’re more of a “Radiant Express” or a “Professional Effects” type of person. Everybody’s at least one. Tag yourself.

Crest are the #1 Dentist Recommended at-home teeth whitening solution, and for good reason. This box of Crest Radiant Express 3D White Strips contains 40 strips, designed for a 20-day regimen.

For just an hour a day for 20 days, Crest guarantees teeth that are 34 levels whiter by the end. Simply apply the strips, shine the LED Accelerator light (included), and repeat.

Crest Professional Effects 3D White Strips boast “professional-level treatment” at an in-home cost. This box of 44 strips mandates a 22-day program, designed to remove 20 years of tough tooth stains, and result in a “20 percent” whiter smile.

At just 30 minutes each day for 22 days, making time for white strips is easy, and the results speak for themselves.

Save up to 44% on Crest White Strips on Amazon

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